The supply of all technical demands as required for an always successful decoating with reproducible and reliable production results is an important part of our concept of total solution.

For this reason our decoating facilities of the “absolution” series especially distinguish by it´s unique technical characteristics which we always transfer from of  our daily  experience of decoating practice  into the conception of our facilities, for example optimized processes acc. decoating time and efficiency of medium, semiautomation acc. comfort of operation, working safety and overnight-operation.

Our Facilities are special suitable for decoating of:

  • Carbide-Tools
  • HSS-Tools
  • DLC Automotive
  • Components
  • Racks and fixturings
  • Optical glases

Beside the standard facilities we also manufacture customized decoating facilities in every size and dimension – single bath as well as multi bath decoating lines.

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